Smart Class

The Jaipuria Smart Class makes learning fun through the use of digital equipment such as VCD or DVD players, laptops and computers attached to a projector.

A viewing screen is attached to the computer. Students are provided with audio-visual information on various topics pertaining to different subject areas from the large volume of material available online. This way of teaching engages students with the lesson being taught and improves creativity and curiosity facilitating better knowledge retention.

Mentors can use online information on different topics from latest educational material published anywhere in the world and present the information using PowerPoint presentations, word documents, audio sessions, video screening, and other instructional tools.

Advantages of Smart Classes:

  • Anytime access to extensive online information
  • Interactive environment for better knowledge retention
  • Education not confined to printed matter.
  • Availability of online notes ensuring better student concentration in class
  • Use of electronic tools such as digital pens that are easy to maintain

Smart classes offer the perfect solution for teaching students with disparate levels of IQs. Students who need further illustration of a specific concept already taught in class for better comprehension can opt for the online resources of a smart class and retain the knowledge gained for larger periods of time.

Smart Classes

Smart Board