Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Suddenly, the space for our movement has been restricted to a few square meters within the confines of four walls, we call our home. Ordinarily, we would not resent our inability, or lack of desire to move out of our home, but this is different. Fear of the law (to a lesser degree), and the threat to our life has brought about this forced internment. Most of us are intelligent enough to realize that the threat is real, and the enemy, tiny and vicious is lurking around posing real danger to our life.Survival instinct has been hard-wired into our neural system and indeed, in all living beings. In the course of our Life’s journey, we tend to take several things for granted. Our home and members living in there, fall in that category.

We are deluded into thinking that many of our relationships (emotional connects) and possessions (material connects) belong to us, are there for us and will remain with us till eternity. Sometimes, we are perhaps encouraged to believe in this by the behaviour and conduct of the people we are connected with.

Ironically, those things that are with us, and are our very own precious possessions, do not give us great sense of happiness or pleasure. Indeed, those that are not with us, or are not within our reach, create a false illusion of happiness. We look upon what others have with desire and envy, even if they are of inferior brand or quality.

Another syndrome that affects a large section of humanity is a distinct tendency to move outwards, literally and metaphorically. We like to, and are connected more with the outside world than the one inside. To an extent it is unavoidable and perhaps required, but it becomes difficult for us to draw a line. We are drawn so much to the outside that there is no time and inclination to look inwards.

We spend a large part of our awakened state in our homes, but generally we only exist there. We continue to LIVE elsewhere because our thoughts are patched on to external happenings, because of our strong connect with outside.
I think it is important for all of us to learn to LIVE in our homes. As it happens, for some time now (hope it does not last very long) there is no such thing as “Going back Home”. We like to go back to where we belong. But in the present context, nobody is going out, so the question of coming back to where from we have not moved out, does not arise.

The complete attention and focus should be on home, and let us make the best use of the time that we have, to do this. Thankfully, it will not be long. Let us plan our schedule for the day within the restricted space. Let us do up our home, make changes, alteration, move a sofa here, a chair there. Shift the dining table that has been lying there ever since it was brought inside. The painting on the wall can be moved slightly without exposing the hole in the wall.

But this is just in the physical domain and that alone does not qualify to be called a home. Home is where the heart is, where everyone is connected with an invisible bond of love, care and deep sensibilities for each other. Where there are fights and the desire for reconciliation pops up, well before the fight is completely finished. There are differences of opinions amongst members, but there is an unconditional acceptance of one another.

Home must become a heaven, and a haven of peace and a place you would hasten to come back after the days’ hard work. We have an opportunity now (albeit a forced one) to work towards it. It will be well worth the effort.

Written By – Vinod Malhotra

Director – Corporate Relations, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group

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